Privacy Policy



Best Bay Area Tours highly values our customer’s right to privacy. We have provided the following privacy policy as a means of advising our customers of the types of information we collect on our website and how we use this information. Our aim is to balance our customers’ expectations of privacy, within reason, with our genuine, business-oriented need for information.


Due to the nature of the service we provide, it is necessary that we, as a company, collect certain personal information from our customers. The type of information we collect includes, but is not limited to, name, address, email, credit card details and phone number. Best Bay Area Tours is dedicated to ensuring the security of our customer’s personal details and therefore meets legal and commercial standards where online security is concerned.

Any credit card details entered on our website are stored in Secure Hosting and are only accessed by approved personnel for legitimate business purposes. The contact details submitted by our customers are retained by Best Bay Area Tours for the purpose of contacting our customers with future offers and updates. This continued contact between Best Bay Area Tours and its customers is mutually beneficial and is described in detail below (see ‘Email’).


Any customer who makes a reservation directly with Best Bay Area Tours (either online or by phone) is required to submit credit card details. It is company policy that we do not accept direct reservations without credit card details that can either be used as a means of payment or as a guarantee of payment. 

Once submitted, credit card details are entered into a secure hosting network. As noted above, these details can only be accessed by authorized personnel and for the purpose of receiving payment for the services provided. Customers will only be charged the amount agreed upon in their reservation. Any additional charges that may incur will only be charged with the card owners consent.

* Please note that by agreeing to the terms and conditions when making the original reservation, the customer gives consent to Best Bay Area Tours to collect any cancellation fees that might incur if the customer cancels their reservation.


When a customer makes a reservation with Best Bay Area Tours they may be required to give a valid email address (for online reservations this will be required, for phone reservations, it is at the consumer’s discretion). The main motivation for obtaining an email address from our customers is so that we may send them confirmation details for their tour and for contact if there are any changes. Our confirmation emails not only detail the confirmation number and the times and dates relevant to the customers’ reservation, they also give important details regarding appropriate attire, directions and other helpful information where applicable.

We may use these email addresses to inform our customers of future promotions as we like to keep our customers updated with the services we provide. Customers will always have the option to ‘opt-out’ of these further email services and can do so by clicking the link ‘click here to unsubscribe’ found in the email correspondence.

Best Bay Area Tours reserves the right to collect the email address, phone number, and any other data entered in by customers who communicate or contact us via email, forms, or any other online means where potential customers enter in their information. The information collected is used to contact potential customers in the event of not completing a reservation, improve our web pages, marketing, product notices & updates, and the quality of our service.

Compliance with Law

Under the rare circumstance that a customer’s personal details would be required by law, Best Bay Area Tours would be obligated to release this personal information. The conditions under which disclosure of a customer’s personal information would be deemed necessary include, but are not limited to, the following: if the information is required by a law enforcement agency; if the information is required by court order; if the information is deemed necessary through the process of litigation.
We may also release a customer’s personal details if it is deemed necessary in order to implement a contractual agreement between ourselves and the customer; to help one of our affiliates implement a contractual agreement between themselves and a customer; or to protect our staff, other customers or business affiliates.

Further to this, Best Bay Area Tours is situated in San Francisco, California, but our website can be accessed from all 50 states and in numerous countries all over the world. Whilst we acknowledge that the law will differ at the several locations from which our website can be accessed, customers of the Best Bay Area Tours’ website agree to be governed in all matters and dealings regarding the website, by the governing law of the State of California.

If you require your information to be changed or deleted, simply fill out our contact us form and provide your request.

Policy Changes

Best Bay Area Tours reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. The privacy policy in place at the time of a customer’s use of the website is valid for any transaction or interaction made at that time. Customers who are concerned about the use of their personal information while using this website should consult the privacy policy before every transaction.

GDPR Privacy Policy Update 2018 (5/24/2018)

Best Bay Area Tours does not use cookie tracking nor any other personal tracking, nor do we use list subscriber methods. We are deemed a “Data Controller” only by the fact we collect billing and contact information from our customers.
If you as a customer wish to have your information on file sent to you, have erased or recertified, simply contact us and we will comply in a timely manner.

Easily contact us by using our contact form here or call us at any time.